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Episode 34 DISAPPEARED Michele Hundley Smith and Anglea Whalen Hudson

August 16, 2018

Episode 34


Michele Lyn Hundley Smith


Angela Whalen Hudson




Late 2001 ended in turmoil, sadness, and confusion for two families in the Rockingham County, NC area.

That year saw the separate disappearances of their loved ones, both mothers and both still desperately missed to this day.

Their disappearances were never investigated with any sort of effort on the part of the only agency responsible for doing so.

What happened to Michele Lynn Hundley Smith and Angela Whalen Hudson?

Why didn’t the authorities ever try to find out what happened to them?

Is this the best the good people of Rockingham County can expect from their public servants at the Sheriff’s Office?

If you are interested in following these cases and supporting the efforts to find these ladies, visit their advocacy pages and NAMUS.

Link to Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office missing persons page which contains corrupted links as of 8/16/18.

Hopefully they at least get that fixed. Click on them at your own risk.

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