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Episode 32 The Disappearance of Keith Davis

July 28, 2018

Episode 32

The Disappearance


Fisheries Observer

Keith Davis


Keith Davis was an observer, a biologist who took on the duty of observing fisheries around the world to report on compliance, safety, and more. It is a dangerous job, not only because work at sea is inherently treacherous, but also because observers are often considered a threat to the livelihood of many crew and captains.

Despite his professional demeanor and long history of working well with crews on these vessels, something went terribly wrong on a voyage off the coast of Peru in 2015. Keith Davis disappeared. No formal investigation has ever produced answers, so an effort is being made to undertake a private investigation, with possible political implications.

The international fisheries business is behind major environmental threats but still, illegal fishing continues unchecked, endangering not only our ecosystem, but the socioeconomic stability of entire continents, not to mention the daily safety concerns to workers involved in this industry.

If you are interested in this subject, please continue reading by clicking on or following the links below, donating to the investigation campaign, and also, reading the book Keith helped to create before he disappeared so horrifically.

Support Keith's dad and loved ones in searching for justice by donating to their campaign to raise money for their worldwide investigation. We can only imagine how costly that must be:


Read the book Keith helped to edit, and to which he contributed:


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