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Episode 29 The Many Faces of Child Predator Joel Davis

July 5, 2018

Episode 29

The Many Faces


Child Predator

Joel Davis



This episode contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse which may be disturbing for some listeners.

Please use discretion in deciding whether or not to listen.


In late June of 2018, a 22 year old man was arrested and charged with federal crimes involving the sexual abuse of children and child pornography. He was just like any other perve looking for an opportunity to rape children, only this man isn't your average sex offender. He's a human rights activist who fooled people all over the world into believing he actually cared about saving children from sexual abuse. The ultimate hypocrite. That's not all. 

Joel Davis has spent years playing different roles, and these personalities emerged in full fledge depending on the expected results. Joel Davis the victim. Joel Davis the college drop-out. Joel Davis the ivy league human rights hero. Joel Davis the star. Joel Davis the producer and  purveyor of child porn. Joel Davis the rapist of babies, children, and young teens.

And now, Joel Davis the soon-to-be prison inmate.

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