Case Acquaint Podcast

Episode 27 The Murder of Paitin Fields Pt II

June 12, 2018


Episode 27

The MURDER of Paitin Fields Pt II




In this episode of Case Acquaint, we will be discussing the case of Paitin Fields, a five year old child who was viciously raped and murdered in her own home. This is the second episode in a series about this case, and if you have not heard the first episode, we would encourage you to check out Episode 21, which was the first. No arrests have been made, not even a person of interest has been named. 

Paitin's autopsy was recently completed, and the community still wonders if their children are safe. Little Paitin suffered an extremely violent death, so please use discretion when deciding whether or not to listen to this graphic episode. You will also hear from a community member who lives in Pender County, and who has been involved in the local #justiceforpaitinfields movement.

A very special thank you to

Jaime Whitmore

for speaking with us


for her dedication to the community and to Paitin!


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